Small Stationery Box

Small Stationery Box


(“Cherish the Moment” Series”)

Size: W 8.5cm x L 19cm x H 3.5cm

Design with Artwork: “Cherish the Moment” by Edmund Chen Zhi Cai

The World’s Longest Drawing created by Edmund was the first and only individual artwork to be certified by 3 organisations on 29 July 2013 for its world record length of 601.255 metres:

·       Guinness World Records

·       Agency for Science, Technology and Research

·       Records Book of Singapore

 The drawing was done at a speed of 1 metre every 10 minutes resulting in a 650 metre freehand “tapestry” depicting thousands of beautiful pond live images.  This featured section was specially selected and touched up by Edmund.  “Cherish the Moment” comprises 4 images representing the 4 seasons.  These images have been reprinted and contributed to various organisations and charities for their fund-raising initiatives.


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